The Willow Run Project: A Symbol of Hope in Sound and Space

Three People


Willow Run: A Symbol of Hope in Sound and Space.

This installation consists of photographic images by Ernestine Ruben, recorded original music by Stephen Hartke, and video art created  by Seth Bernstein.  All three artists have been inspired by an architectural site located in Michigan called Willow Run.

Willow Run was designed and constructed by Ruben's grandfather, Albert Kahn,  in the early 1940's and was the largest industrial space under one roof in the world.  It was known for the rapid production of B-24 bombers, as well as for the contributions of African-Americans and women to the work force. 

Several years ago while visiting Willow Run,  Ruben was stunned by the emptiness, loneliness, and lack of life in a building that was known for it's productivity and glory.  As It was about to be demolished,  she felt challenged to keep its spirit alive, and has sought ways to honor it's legacy through contemporary art.